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1 small branch or division of a branch; usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year [syn: branchlet, twig]
2 an ornament that resembles a spray of leaves or flowers [also: sprigging, sprigged]

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  1. A small shoot or twig of a tree or other plant; a spray.
    a sprig of laurel or of parsley
  2. A youth; a lad; -- used humorously or in slight disparagement.
  3. A brad, or nail without a head.
  4. A small eyebolt ragged or barbed at the point.


a small shoot or twig of a tree or other plant
a youth
a brad, or nail without a head
a small eyebolt ragged or barbed at the point

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Sprig is a character from the Grey Griffins Books, written by Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis. Sprig is a mysterious shape-shifting spriggan, whose motives are unknown. She often appears to Max, Natalia, Ernie, and Harley, to warn them of Oberon, the Shadow King, and his true motives. At the end of The Revenge of the Shadow King, Sprig ultimately sacrifices her life so that the four Grey Griffins can succeed in capturing Titania's Jewel. Sprig was the first one to steal Titania's jewel ages ago. She was going to steal it once more but saw Max Sumner in trouble and jumped in front of him, thus sacrificing her life and disappearing.
In the sequel, Rise of the Black Wolf, she returns at the end o the book by Ernie's bed in the hospital, and mutters "Now Max Summer will have his revenge"(This explains the chapters title, Revenge) Sprig reveals herself to be alive in book 3. Max then learns she is what people call a Bounder

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